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Women's Nike Downshifter 12 Running Shoes

Women's Nike Downshifter 12 Running Shoes


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Women's Nike Air Max SC Sneakers



Women's Nike Air Max SC Sneakers


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Ready to get your heart rate up with a little cardio? Slip into a pair of trendy women's running shoes from Shoe Carnival! Whether you are a distance runner or a sprinter, we have the perfect fit to improve your PR without going over budget. Try on a pair of black running shoes for a sneaker that can pair with any workout clothes, add some flair to your workout with vibrant colors, or if you run off-road shop tough trail running shoes with good traction. Cross trainers or track running shoes can help increase your speed while boosting your style. Recreational or competitive, make sure you run in the right shoes. No matter your goal, you'll find the right pair of women's running shoes from top brands like Brooks, ASICS, Nike, New Balance, Saucony, and Adidas.

Finding the Best Running Shoes

A quality pair of running shoes can improve overall performance and workout experience, but which brand and style is best? Personal preferences will vary, but here are a few pointers:

  • Where and how you plan to run will determine what style of running shoe will be best.

    • Road running shoes are designed especially for pavement and treadmill running. They are lightweight, flexible, and provide stabilizing support.

    • Trail running shoes are designed for tough terrain. They are durable, have thick soles with lugs for traction, and typically have stiffer midsoles which are better for running on uneven surfaces.

    • Cross training shoes have thinner, flatter soles for better balance during gym workouts or cross-training exercises.

  • Proper cushioning is critical for comfort, so check out the shoe’s midsole, particularly the firmness and thickness of the foam. Running shoes range from minimum to maximum cushioning, which can be judged by the thickness of the midsole.

  • The heel drop of a running shoe will determine where the foot will meet the ground after each stride. Most running shoes are thicker at the heel than at the toe, which is ideal for a more comfortable heel impact. But there are lower-drop and zero-drop options for runner's who prefer impact near mid-foot.

  • Understand your foot type to determine the best running shoe. Shoes with more arch support are preferable for flat footed runners, whereas more cushioning and flexibility are needed for feet with high arches.

  • Prevent discomfort, blisters, and injury by properly sizing and fitting running shoes. Shoe sizes can vary across brands, so trying on a few pairs at your local Shoe Carnival store is recommended before making a decision. Keep in mind any thick running socks or insoles that will be worn, and there should be about a half-inch of space in the toe box. For wide feet, pick up a pair of wide-width running shoes for women.