Kids' Cleats

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Kids’ Cleats

Get them ready to take the field with cleats from Shoe Carnival! From little kids’ cleats to junior high styles, find the footwear they need to make the most of the sport season.

Baseball Cleats

Softball or baseball cleats have wide, short studs, great for traction while running bases and pivoting on the mound. Because the first stud on a baseball cleat is at the very point of the toe where the sole meets the seam, they should not be worn for sports that involve kicking a ball.

Football and Soccer Cleats

Kids’ soccer cleats can be a great choice for the multi-sport child. With no cleat at the tip of the toe, they are the best choice for running and kicking activities. Soccer cleats are lightweight and narrow, and the studs tend to be shorter than football and softball cleats.

Not into fútbol? Made for touchdowns and punts, American football cleats have longer, narrower studs for intense traction, as well as heavier leather uppers for added protection during player contact. Like soccer cleats, they have no toe cleat, making them safe for kicking.