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  • Women's Dr. Martens Zavala Combat Boots
    Women's Dr. Martens Zavala Combat Boots

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Flash back to 1947, for the establishment of Dr. Martens boots overseas. Originally designed from scrap leather and tires, the shoe was transformed in the ‘60s into the iconic footwear we know today- sleek material, yellow stitching and a chunky heel. Docs were worn initially by postal workers, policemen, and musicians, but as fashion evolved, so did those who wore them. Today, celebrities, models, and pop stars are seen wearing them year-round, all over the world.


Throw on your denim and lace up with your Doc Martens. These combat boots will be a pivotal element to your shoe collection and seasonal wardrobe. This classic design is a statement in footwear and go-to for any outfit. The boots come in a variety of colors, from red to white to black Doc Martens.

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