Boys' Wide Width Shoes

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Wide Width Shoes for Boys

At other stores, good wide shoes can be hard to find – but not at Shoe Carnival! Check out our selection of boys’ wides, including boys’ wide dress shoes and boots.

Boys’ Wide Athletic Shoes

Wide feet or not, boys are always ready to play! Get him the tennis shoes he wants in the widths he needs to run, jump, and slam-dunk. Discover boys’ wide running shoes, basketball shoes, and more.

Does my child need wide width shoes?

If your child is constantly complaining his shoes are too tight or he wears out the sides of his shoes before the soles, he might need wide width shoes. The best way to know if your child needs wide shoes is to have his feet measured at a shoe store.

In a hurry? Check the fit of a current pair of his shoes. A properly fitting pair of shoes should have roughly a thumb’s width gap between his toes and the end of the shoe. The shoe should be snug in width, but not tight. If you can see any part of his foot pressing out against the outside edge of the shoe, or if he complains that it feels too tight around, then he needs a wider size.