Women's Lace Up and Combat Boots

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  • Women's Unr8ed Dome Boots
    Women's Unr8ed Dome Boots

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    Women's Cliffs Kelsie Boots

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    Women's Unr8ed Second Boots

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    Women's Y-Not Agenda Booties

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Looking to add an edge to your step? Ready for a little attitude in your outfit? Lace-up boots let you secure your foot into a shoe without compromising style.

You can wear your favorite leggings and hoodies with any combat boots. When the only hiking you’re doing is down Main Street, the unexpected element of wedge lace-ups make your style unconquerable. Make your new go-to shoe a pairof lace-up boots! 


Take control of your style by arming yourself with combat boots. These boots are versatile with anything you wear, from a throwback to the ‘90s with mom jeans and graphic T with Doc Martens. All the way to a modern cuffed jean and flannel with Timberlands

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